Short Story 29


“Don’t even get me started on that tricky little bastard called anxiety,” was the joke Billie used to tell people to make her insecurities feel less serious. It was one of those things where her day was completely fine, hell, it was one of the best she’d had in a long time, and then for no apparent reason, her mind was sent into overdrive.

Always the type of person who would sit and think about how she could have handled a situation six years prior differently, Billie felt as though her heart was a black hole. Why could one completely normal interaction have her second-guessing her entire existence? How could it be, that logically, she knew that nothing happened and everything was fine, but she couldn’t shake that feeling of impending doom, of future ramifications that surely would never see the light of day? Continue reading “Short Story 29”

Short Story 22


It’s funny how often I think about the most insignificant moments of my past, like a random interaction I had with a boy when I visited London as a kid. I mean, I literally lay awake on more than one night freaking out because when I was 10, a boy came up to me when I was buying souvenirs and asked me what my name was and where I was visiting from. I responded awkwardly with the basics, that my name was Sydney from Melbourne and without thinking first, that I was grateful to be around new people because my family had to act like a happy family in front of other people. Continue reading “Short Story 22”

Short Story 20


Hope was the kind of girl that you unexpectedly found yourself gravitating towards without explanation. The type of girl that without ever knowing the effect she had on people, pulled everyone towards her.

I mean sure, at just twenty-one, Hope’s beauty captured the attention of most, but that’s not the reason people stuck around. She had blue eyes that reflected neon from the sun each day as she took her surf board out against the waves, while her blonde hair darkened as the salt water cleansed her body. Continue reading “Short Story 20”

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