A Poem Called: Her Month and Her Name – May

Her Month and Her Name

Let me tell you a story,
Of a woman through and through.
Strong and sensitive,
A warrior and a pacifist,
A resolute defender of her own pride,
And of her pride: her mate, her cubs, her fierce children.

If the Creators made her,
They would surely look at her with wonder.
Human personified, she had flaws like the rest,
But nothing compared to the beauty of herself at her best.

Darkness would never win, although it was there, yes.
Because above all, she was consumed by love and light.
Positivity and optimism were at her core,
There would be no lifetime where she wasn’t a guiding light; a healer with sight.

Even when the capital “C” came knocking,
She exclaimed, “Why should I give the bastard the power?”
We all watch in awe as she explains without fail:
“There will always be someone else who has it worse,
So grateful, be kind, be free, and then see what life will entail.”

With a smile ear to ear, her mantra was clear:
“Why should I give the disease an ounce of my fear?”
For a soul-sucking demon, that takes as much from the family as the person it attacks,
Doesn’t deserve anything more than a profound, unequivocal kick in the ass.

She took the life she was handed and made it her own.
Not settling for mundane as an option,
She did everything in her power to satisfy her soul.

Creating her own destiny, was just one part of the story,
She was handed a spiritual gift that was honed into a craft.
With empathy and compassion as defining parts of her heart,
She was designed to help and care for people…almost to a fault.

Some people are lucky enough to cross her path,
While others come and go, touched as they pass.
Over the years, those close have shared and cried,
Or laughed in hysterics in the dead of night.

Buckling in joyous pain as we struggle to breathe,
Is a perfect embodiment of both you and me;
Bad memories linger, but they never stay,
Because they drown under the pressure of all the good ones at play.

Here’s to the years of ebb and flow,
And the many more to come,
May they be even more glorious than those before.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy.

By Naomi Eleanor @naomieir


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