Short Story 13

The Stalker and The Detectives

To the girl where my love lies,

I am writing this letter to you because today was a depressing day, I saw you go to the police station, and I am hurt by your betrayal.

I suppose it all begins the day I met you. All I wanted to do was absorb your long dark brown hair, and honey eyes. When I first saw you at the supermarket I felt an instant connection. I didn’t even need to talk to you, to see the pure radiance and beauty that you constantly emit. You’re like a star that is so brilliant in its luminance, that others get scorned at the mere sight of you. I mean, I’m not one to pay attention to girls, but you…you my love are without a doubt the exception to the rule.

On the day after we met, I knew I had to see you again. My body ached in your absence, and I could barely sleep knowing you were somewhere out in the world and not in my arms. Luckily, yesterday you were kind enough to lend me your entire purse, and now I sit here with your ID still in hand. I had used it to go by your apartment and check if you were alright, which is when I saw him.

I couldn’t believe you, my love, how could you do this to me? I love you with every part of my being, with every single cell and you…you just hang out with some random man. I have to tell you, I was seething. I have never, in my entire life, been so livid, and so hurt by the actions of another person. But I decided that our relationship was worth saving, so against my better judgment I forgave you for your indiscretion.

On the third day, I went to the shoe store where you worked, and it was then that I knew you felt the same way as me, but couldn’t show it. You’re so professional, but even you could barely contain your love and you just had to speak to me, “Hi, may I help you?” Your voice flowed over me, bathing me in its warmth. It wasn’t the words, as much as it was the way you said it, and the smile you gave. But I knew, I knew, you were my everything, and I yours.

When I went to your house on day four, now that was a special day. You weren’t home of course, well not at first, but I knew it wouldn’t have been the best thing for you to find me your house so I hid in your ceiling. Little did I know our love affair would go on for weeks and months.

I need you to know, that I am the only person in the world who understands you. I’m the only one who can appreciate your beauty, and you will be mine. I will get rid of all the distractions in your life so you can focus on me, and we love each other, and be the only thing one and other need, because I don’t think I can resist you for much longer, even thinking about it now makes me tremble with anticipation.

Love always, your watcher.

“Okay, do you see what I’m saying now! This creep was in my house, he was at my work for crying out loud! You guys have to help me, you need to do something about this,” Said a young woman with her arms flailing and face red with a mixture of embarrassment and anger.

The detectives she was speaking to seemed empathetic, but how could she really know they were doing everything in their power to keep her safe? There was four of them, a women with straight blonde hair pulled back into a tight bun, a young intern and two male detectives wearing suits.

One of the men, the shorter of the two, who always seemed to be trying to compensate for his height, stood up from the desk he was leaning on and took the letter from her, “I promise we are doing everything possible to help. Your safety is our number one concern, and this guy’s audacity to send this letter will be his downfall, because he’s given us two public places where he has been. We can work with that.”

The tall detective’s phone began ringing, and he answered swiftly while hushing the other people in the office, “What do you have for me?” He paused, intently listening to the other end before saying thanks and hanging up.

“That was the tech lab; your store just sent us copies of the security footage, so I’m sure we’ll have a face on your stalker in no time.” He smiled in an attempt to reassure her but he clearly wasn’t used to the softer side of life, and added, “Are you sure no strange men come to mind?”

“No, none at all. What am I supposed to do in the meantime?” She was clearly level-headed but the stress was visible to everyone in the room.

The shorter detective perked up and pushed his chest out like a chicken, “There’s not much you can do while we sift through the footage from the grocery store, and from your workplace. So, why don’t you go home and try and keep your mind busy,” He called the female detective over, “Look, I’ll even send this detective home with you to watch over you in case that creep decides to make an appearance.”

“Yeah, okay,” the woman replies, kindly smiling at the female detective, “I guess being at home will be better than staying here waiting for who knows how long.”

The two women leave, and around five hours later the taskforce assigned to finding information are at a dead end. They check out every man that facial recognition pulls up in the videos, and come up empty handed.

It is only when the intern comes back after spending the day doing errands that they make some headway. The wall of monitors are playing the security loops, and the intern laughs as he walks in, “Hey guys! I brought you all coffee! Are you guys in the middle of an undercover operation? This is so cool!”

The shorter detective, who appears to be in great need of the coffee, scolds him as he takes a Styrofoam cup, “Are you serious? No. This is the stalker case. Why would you even say that?”

The intern points at the screen, clearly more timid than normal after being reprimanded, “Because she’s in both feeds.”

The detectives start shouting orders and running out of the office, because the woman in the security tapes, the person who is apparently stalking the brunette, is the female detective they have worked closely with for years.

They just sent a stalker who knew they were about to be cornered away with their victim.

By Naomi Eleanor


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