A Poem Called: Heavens and Stars

Heavens and Stars

She used to trace the constellations with her eye,
Just to make sure no stars had secretly slipped by.

He used to watch her counting them one by one,
Taken by her charms and her beauty like the sun.

And oh, the universe used to chuckle in delight,
For the two star-crossed wanderers were trapped in a cycle of what if, maybe, might.

Year after year, his love for her grew,
Until one magical Tuesday she looked up and saw him too.

The shock rippled through him, of being seen, being heard.
It shouldn’t be possible for this mortal to observe.

His glory could be seen, with his wings spread wide,
But the magic to lift the veil is a rare gift to find.

And this girl had more to her than he ever realised,
For she couldn’t be mundane, especially in the way she always kind of shined.

He had always felt it, something different, something more.
And she had always felt someone watching from afar.

Never alone, though they never met.
And never understanding that they were silently in a duet.

Fated by something unseen, the pull became too much.
One day he descended just for one small simple little touch.

She was in awe by his beauty, and he by hers.
There was something about him that made her feel safe and secure.

He held out his hand, no words yet spoken.
There wasn’t any need, they could feel the attraction.

When they finally touched, the world didn’t shatter.
Instead their lives ignited with an indescribable sense of desire.

There was a metaphorical explosion, fireworks here and there,
But more important to that was that nothing could compare.

They were connected in every which way,
Consumed by one another, neither wanting to pull away.

And then she remembered her life once lived,
Memories once forgotten came flooding back vivid.

She wasn’t born down below but was there to survive.
Running for her life and hiding behind facades.

He watched her transform, light cascading away,
So stunning yet fearsome all the same.

From a human to an angel, golden and bright,
They were both completely speechless standing still in the moonlight.

Through all the change and new discoveries, one thing remained:
Their love for each other could never be contained.

This was their destiny, lifetime after the next.
For their lives were always bound to inevitably intersect.

Space and time could not dictate,
It always came down to fate.

A man from the heavens, a girl from the stars,
Just two souls brought together by the light in their hearts.

By Naomi Eleanor @naomieir


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