A Poem Called: Her Month and Her Name – May

Her Month and Her Name

Let me tell you a story,
Of a woman through and through.
Strong and sensitive,
A warrior and a pacifist,
A resolute defender of her own pride,
And of her pride: her mate, her cubs, her fierce children.

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Short Story 32

Ash, Ezra and the Round Table

Have you ever thought about how strange it is that everything in life becomes a memory? As the years go by, your mind might begin to play tricks on you, making you remember events differently than how they were and fixating on negatives. Sometimes though, you find that nostalgia’s a nasty bitch who convinces you to put on those rose-coloured glasses when you’re taking a trip down memory lane. The world seems indifferent to the mundane moments of your life that your brain has decided were worth remembering. Continue reading “Short Story 32”

Short Story 31

Zane in the War

Sometimes, it’s life and death.

There’s this moment, where you know, without a doubt, that it’s the end.

You’re helpless.

But until your last breath, all you can do is fight. Fight for your pride because you refuse to be one of those assholes who give up and leave the battle.

You. Can. Do. This. Continue reading “Short Story 31”

Short Story 30

Jack and Conor

Have you ever found yourself staring at the clouds in the sky? Or maybe you’ve looked up after catching something in the corner of your eye, but suddenly you can’t remember what or why when your eyes eventually scan the heavens. There has never been a cloudless day; when the sky is clear in one city, it’s cloudy in another. Think about it for a second, really think about it – you know something isn’t right, but as soon as the thoughts enter your mind, you start convincing yourself that the idea is ridiculous. Despite what you are led to believe, there is a reason you have that feeling deep inside that something isn’t quite right about the weather. So, I’m here to put your mind to rest…or maybe just open a giant can of worms. There is a secret in the sky, but most people forget as soon as they have seen it. The thing is, being completely unaware is exactly how it must be for humans to survive (depending on who you talk to). Continue reading “Short Story 30”

Short Story 24


A man sat with jewellery in excess, not that any of the plentiful and colourful items matched. With ten around his neck ranging from fluoro yellow African designs teamed with various metallic, cloth and plastic necklaces and countless bracelets, this man was proud of what he wore, and it showed.

Although it was the costume jewellery that caught my attention, it wasn’t the thing that struck me the most. See, he was obviously homeless, but I say obviously only because my eye had been trained from years of experience with people in similar situations to note some of the signs of those who live on the streets. Continue reading “Short Story 24”

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