Short Story 8

The Island

I’m a contradiction. I preach one thing to my friends and my family, but I can never follow through. There are so many expectations in my life, and I feel as though they never emulate from me.

I mean I get it, I’m supposed to be the star athlete, the most popular guy around or whatever, but Jesus I really hate all the attention. I think the best way to describe my best talent wouldn’t be football like my parents would say, or getting all the girls as my friends would say…no, I would describe myself as a brilliant actor.

I say this, because every day I wake up and become the person I think everyone expects me to be. I’m a twenty-year-old guy that is apparently outrageous, cool, funny, nonchalant, and life of the party. But it’s all an act. In fact, I would go so far as to say I’m an introvert. I thoroughly enjoy my own company, and I feel that a lot of social interactions are unnecessary.

I love science fiction shows, and I’m arguably obsessed with crime shows. I spend a majority of my spare time on the Internet, and playing video games. I like those moments far more than so called ‘real life’.

I’m leaving home for the first time, and the days cannot go by quick enough. Soon I will have my freedom, to be whoever I want. I have never really been the study type, I mean, as much as I watch science fiction and crime shows I could never study forensics or quantum physics.

I get decent grades, but I have absolutely no real idea what I want to do with my life. I’m just taking random electives at the moment in college. I guess I spend too much time impersonating other people that I never thought about myself beyond the point that I was relatively ambivalent for most of my life.

I’m actually heading to a lecture right now, for a philosophy course. I cut through a local park and come across two guys trying to drag a woman into a car and man, was she putting up a fight.

I run over without blinking to see if I can help. As soon as I tackle one of them, she is able to gain a little ground. She clearly knows some form of self defence because she manages to sucker punch in the gut, elbow him in the face and smash his head into the car door.

I have managed to get a few good punches in on the guy I tackled, and she comes to help me out. But then her body froze and convulsed as she was struck with an electric cow prod, and she dropped.

The man came for me next and as the other one held me down, excruciating pain resonated throughout me when the end of the rod touched my abdomen.

I wake up groggy, and my body feels like I had just ran ten marathons. I’m on the floor, and manage to roll over in an attempt to get up off the ground. That’s as far as I get though, and I let my body take comfort in the cold stone floor.

“You really shouldn’t have tried to help me, because then it would have just been me in here instead of both of us.” The female British voice came from my left. I groan as I stand, and see the green eyes and red hair of the woman I tried to save.

I reply, “I didn’t really think, I just acted. Where are we?”

“We, my knight in shining armour, are on an Island somewhere in the Pacific, and they,” she points at a camera in the corner of the room, and raises her voice as she continues speaking, “They are homicidal maniacs, who find it uniquely entertaining to torture people for no apparent reason!”

She didn’t seem much older than me, I don’t actually think she is any older than me, but she definitely seems to have a lot of life experience to back her up.

I walk over to the door and try the doorknob just for kicks and it unsurprisingly is locked, “Okay, homicidal maniacs, and what about you, why do they want you? This seems like a bit more than some random kidnapping.”

“Quick with the uptake are we? Well, the simplified version is that I used to date a man, a man that turned out to be the son of a delusional man, who wanted to start a secret organisation of elite assassins to take over the world. Ultimately, he failed, what with his innate ability to commit unspeakable acts. He was essentially a really shitty example of a mobster, but nonetheless he had power, and he had followers. One day I killed him, and now his son, my ex, wants to kill me for revenge. And I’m sure he’ll make it as painful as possible.”

She had explained all of that as if it was just another day, but I think that’s why I’m not too freaked out about being trapped in some room on an island with no apparent of escape.

I walk over to her, “Just one more question, why are you not worried? I mean last time I checked you’re trapped here too, so is there something I should know?”

“As a matter of fact there is. What’s the time?” She grabs my wrist and looks at my watch. Just then, a tall man in a suit unlocks the door with two men by his side.

The man opens his mouth to speak, but the red head jumps in before he can, “Now before you do some dramatic speech, I just want to say that neither myself nor my friend here will be here for long. Do you really think that I would have let you take me without a plan? Didn’t you ever stop to wonder why after years of trying to get your hands on me, I suddenly went for a stroll right near where you were scouting?”

I both felt and heard an explosion rock the building we were in, and the girl just smiled.

The man in the suit looked pissed, and right as some guys with military precision took out the two guards, he pulled out a gun and emptied the clip. But he didn’t land any shots on us because the girl had gotten to him first and aimed the gun fire away, before twisting the gun around and firing the last bullet in the chamber, into his chest.

She got up, dusted herself off, and started walking out with the black ops team, “Are you coming Sir Lancelot? There are some people who are going to want to meet you, and trust me you are about to see things you never thought were possible. So, quit dawdling and follow us, we only have so much time before the reinforcements come.”

By Naomi Eleanor


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