A Poem Called: Her Month and Her Name – May

Her Month and Her Name

Let me tell you a story,
Of a woman through and through.
Strong and sensitive,
A warrior and a pacifist,
A resolute defender of her own pride,
And of her pride: her mate, her cubs, her fierce children.

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Short Story 21


Grace was six years old when her attraction to the river finally overwhelmed her. Her mother, Jane, had only turned her back on Grace for a few seconds, but in those moments, her little girl with the auburn locks and in her favourite red dress silently skipped to the water’s edge.

Jane felt a change in the air, and as a gust of wind rushed by. She turned expecting to see her daughter playing in the field of flowers that surrounded their modest cabin. Instead, she only saw that the water had awoken from its slumber, with no sign of Grace. Continue reading “Short Story 21”

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