Short Story 31

Zane in the War

Sometimes, it’s life and death.

There’s this moment, where you know, without a doubt, that it’s the end.

You’re helpless.

But until your last breath, all you can do is fight. Fight for your pride because you refuse to be one of those assholes who give up and leave the battle.

You. Can. Do. This. Continue reading “Short Story 31”

Short Story 17

The Zombies

There was one man on the entire planet that I trusted unequivocally. A man that I knew would always have my best interests at heart. What was strange about him was that he was a complete stranger, that I had just witness kill several men.

I guess circumstances have a lot to do with how you behave. I mean in everyday life I would never contemplate killing someone, or get in a strangers van. After all, I was conditioned that way; years of social habituation is a lot to consider…but then again, you can only ever know what you’re truly capable of when the intensity of a situation demands the appropriate response. Continue reading “Short Story 17”

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