Short Story 29


“Don’t even get me started on that tricky little bastard called anxiety,” was the joke Billie used to tell people to make her insecurities feel less serious. It was one of those things where her day was completely fine, hell, it was one of the best she’d had in a long time, and then for no apparent reason, her mind was sent into overdrive.

Always the type of person who would sit and think about how she could have handled a situation six years prior differently, Billie felt as though her heart was a black hole. Why could one completely normal interaction have her second-guessing her entire existence? How could it be, that logically, she knew that nothing happened and everything was fine, but she couldn’t shake that feeling of impending doom, of future ramifications that surely would never see the light of day? Continue reading “Short Story 29”

Short Story 28


In almost every respect, Willow was the human personification of a pixie. She had almost white shoulder-length wispy blonde hair and a set of ice blue eyes that could pierce your soul. Her petite build was complimented by the crocheted midriff tops and ripped denim short-shorts she always sported but none of these things were as enchanting as her presence in a room. There was always something truly magical about how she held herself and how infectious her laugh was.

But this pixie was being kept in a cage…a very lavishly decorated cage, but a cage nonetheless. Continue reading “Short Story 28”

Short Story 19

The Outback

There was a story that used to make its way around the town when I was a kid, about areas of Australia that the settlers had never touched. According to the tale, there was a creature that lived in the red-dirt country of the Australian outback. Of course I had always assumed it was a tactic from the adults to stop children from wandering out into the bushland and getting lost, but apparently there were a lot more truths to the story than I first imagined. Continue reading “Short Story 19”

Short Story 4

The Fictional Man

He didn’t exist, but then again she didn’t care. That guy right there was the one constant in her life, and he, along with his friends, are always there when nobody else is.

For the longest period of time, she had been emotionally attached to the characters in books. I don’t find anything particularly wrong about that, in fact, I too, am deeply emotionally invested in fictional characters on a regular basis. Continue reading “Short Story 4”

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