Short Story 31

Zane in the War

Sometimes, it’s life and death.

There’s this moment, where you know, without a doubt, that it’s the end.

You’re helpless.

But until your last breath, all you can do is fight. Fight for your pride because you refuse to be one of those assholes who give up and leave the battle.

You. Can. Do. This. Continue reading “Short Story 31”

Short Story 15

The Clock

It has been two hours, thirty-two minutes, and eight seconds since I woke up handcuffed to a metal bed in the middle of an empty room. I know exactly how long it has been, because there is an enormous digital clock that has been annoyingly counting since my eyes opened.

If you had come up to me yesterday, or at least, I think it was yesterday, and asked, “If you woke up in a strange place, handcuffed, and in different clothes than what you left the house in, how would you feel?” I would have said something about freaking out at the mere notion of such an abnormality. Continue reading “Short Story 15”

Short Story 7

The Scientists

I stood there in the street, blankly staring at people I don’t recognise. Quietly watching as mothers shoo their kids along, shielding them from the spectacle that is me. I’m pretty sure if I was in their shoes I would do the same. I mean, I’m not wearing shoes, I’m dirty, covered in dried blood and dirt; I must look like a desperate homeless person. Continue reading “Short Story 7”

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