Short Story 25


Miles was always someone who knew from a very young age exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Not in the way kids would run around saying they wanted to be doctors, or astronauts, or soldiers, but in a true and defining quality that he felt deep within his bones and in every part of his being.

He wanted to play music, and from the moment he picked up the guitar he always had the strings between his fingers. He would practise every day until his fingers bled and callouses no longer offered protection. Pushing through the pain, he knew someday he would get to a platform where he could share his music with the world. Continue reading “Short Story 25”

Short Story 17

The Zombies

There was one man on the entire planet that I trusted unequivocally. A man that I knew would always have my best interests at heart. What was strange about him was that he was a complete stranger, that I had just witness kill several men.

I guess circumstances have a lot to do with how you behave. I mean in everyday life I would never contemplate killing someone, or get in a strangers van. After all, I was conditioned that way; years of social habituation is a lot to consider…but then again, you can only ever know what you’re truly capable of when the intensity of a situation demands the appropriate response. Continue reading “Short Story 17”

Short Story 7

The Scientists

I stood there in the street, blankly staring at people I don’t recognise. Quietly watching as mothers shoo their kids along, shielding them from the spectacle that is me. I’m pretty sure if I was in their shoes I would do the same. I mean, I’m not wearing shoes, I’m dirty, covered in dried blood and dirt; I must look like a desperate homeless person. Continue reading “Short Story 7”

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