Let’s Talk About…YouTubers

For more than ten years I have watched videos on YouTube, and over time, as creators and the platform evolved, I began using the website as a source of entertainment on par with more traditional mediums. But, last year, it became something more. See, there was a point when I was at the height of my anxiety. In most aspects of my life, I was content, happy, excited for the future, but when it came to my academic work, I was stuck. I was so close to the end it ached, but then like a snowball turning into an avalanche, I lost all logic. My heart hurt to think about my thesis, about emails that may or may not exist, about endless scenarios that played over and over in my heard. I was at a standstill sponsored by anxiety. Seemingly without warning, I fell into a personal prison of crippling anxiety and panic attacks. I found myself in need of metaphysical council with myself. What I mean by this, is that I felt this overwhelming need to reflect internally and figure out what my heart and head needed on my own and without outside input. While retreating inwards, I found strength and inspiration in people I had never met – YouTubers.

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Short Story 24


A man sat with jewellery in excess, not that any of the plentiful and colourful items matched. With ten around his neck ranging from fluoro yellow African designs teamed with various metallic, cloth and plastic necklaces and countless bracelets, this man was proud of what he wore, and it showed.

Although it was the costume jewellery that caught my attention, it wasn’t the thing that struck me the most. See, he was obviously homeless, but I say obviously only because my eye had been trained from years of experience with people in similar situations to note some of the signs of those who live on the streets. Continue reading “Short Story 24”

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