Short Story 28


In almost every respect, Willow was the human personification of a pixie. She had almost white shoulder-length wispy blonde hair and a set of ice blue eyes that could pierce your soul. Her petite build was complimented by the crocheted midriff tops and ripped denim short-shorts she always sported but none of these things were as enchanting as her presence in a room. There was always something truly magical about how she held herself and how infectious her laugh was.

But this pixie was being kept in a cage…a very lavishly decorated cage, but a cage nonetheless. Continue reading “Short Story 28”

Short Story 17

The Zombies

There was one man on the entire planet that I trusted unequivocally. A man that I knew would always have my best interests at heart. What was strange about him was that he was a complete stranger, that I had just witness kill several men.

I guess circumstances have a lot to do with how you behave. I mean in everyday life I would never contemplate killing someone, or get in a strangers van. After all, I was conditioned that way; years of social habituation is a lot to consider…but then again, you can only ever know what you’re truly capable of when the intensity of a situation demands the appropriate response. Continue reading “Short Story 17”

Short Story 6

The River Runs Red

I grew up by the beach in Australia. It was hot, and that’s the way I liked it. For as long as I could remember, I have been fascinated by the woods, and having a cabin by water.

It’s not that strange really; I mean plenty of people have them in the movies, like a lake house or whatever. I like the idea of being close to nature, and I know what you’re thinking, you can be near nature in Australia. Well, I have news for you friend, Australia has countless creepy crawlies that can kill you. Redbacks and taipans are not my idea of fun. Continue reading “Short Story 6”

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