Short Story 28


In almost every respect, Willow was the human personification of a pixie. She had almost white shoulder-length wispy blonde hair and a set of ice blue eyes that could pierce your soul. Her petite build was complimented by the crocheted midriff tops and ripped denim short-shorts she always sported but none of these things were as enchanting as her presence in a room. There was always something truly magical about how she held herself and how infectious her laugh was.

But this pixie was being kept in a cage…a very lavishly decorated cage, but a cage nonetheless. Continue reading “Short Story 28”

Short Story 27


Andy was the type of person who from a stranger’s perspective might seem like a twenty-something surfer from a small coastal town that had no real ambition in life. Those people who spouted things here and there about him being a beach bum with no future weren’t wrong. He did seem like those things, but the cover of the book was far from the truth.

The fact that people had no real expectations about him worked in Andy’s favour when he was growing up. For years when he was younger, he was always faced with people looking and speaking to him in a certain way – a superiority complex that he always secretly found entertaining. Continue reading “Short Story 27”

Short Story 26


Rick stood in shock over the body of a man that had been in his life for the past fifteen years. By all accounts, he was the closest thing Rick had to a father and the only one that ever got away calling him Richard. But right now that man’s blood was dripping from his hands and Rick didn’t remember anything.

He stood waiting for things to fall into place, for it to all make sense but nothing happened. Rick just felt cold and numb. He stood frozen thinking that the blood must’ve been from trying to help his friend…because he didn’t think he could accept the alternative. Continue reading “Short Story 26”

Short Story 25


Miles was always someone who knew from a very young age exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Not in the way kids would run around saying they wanted to be doctors, or astronauts, or soldiers, but in a true and defining quality that he felt deep within his bones and in every part of his being.

He wanted to play music, and from the moment he picked up the guitar he always had the strings between his fingers. He would practise every day until his fingers bled and callouses no longer offered protection. Pushing through the pain, he knew someday he would get to a platform where he could share his music with the world. Continue reading “Short Story 25”

Short Story 24


A man sat with jewellery in excess, not that any of the plentiful and colourful items matched. With ten around his neck ranging from fluoro yellow African designs teamed with various metallic, cloth and plastic necklaces and countless bracelets, this man was proud of what he wore, and it showed.

Although it was the costume jewellery that caught my attention, it wasn’t the thing that struck me the most. See, he was obviously homeless, but I say obviously only because my eye had been trained from years of experience with people in similar situations to note some of the signs of those who live on the streets. Continue reading “Short Story 24”

Short Story 23


No one knew him by any name other than Ryan. Then again, not many knew he existed in the first place. His entire life was a series of decisions made on his behalf by people who never really claimed to have his best interest at heart, but instead, to his face, told him they owned him.

He was their property, but Ryan never really found the need to question orders or to break away from the Alliance. He was content with the structure of his life and every day he had a regiment that was only altered on the days he was sent into the outside world. Continue reading “Short Story 23”

Short Story 22


It’s funny how often I think about the most insignificant moments of my past, like a random interaction I had with a boy when I visited London as a kid. I mean, I literally lay awake on more than one night freaking out because when I was 10, a boy came up to me when I was buying souvenirs and asked me what my name was and where I was visiting from. I responded awkwardly with the basics, that my name was Sydney from Melbourne and without thinking first, that I was grateful to be around new people because my family had to act like a happy family in front of other people. Continue reading “Short Story 22”

Short Story 21


Grace was six years old when her attraction to the river finally overwhelmed her. Her mother, Jane, had only turned her back on Grace for a few seconds, but in those moments, her little girl with the auburn locks and in her favourite red dress silently skipped to the water’s edge.

Jane felt a change in the air, and as a gust of wind rushed by. She turned expecting to see her daughter playing in the field of flowers that surrounded their modest cabin. Instead, she only saw that the water had awoken from its slumber, with no sign of Grace. Continue reading “Short Story 21”

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