Short Story 21


Grace was six years old when her attraction to the river finally overwhelmed her. Her mother, Jane, had only turned her back on Grace for a few seconds, but in those moments, her little girl with the auburn locks and in her favourite red dress silently skipped to the water’s edge.

Jane felt a change in the air, and as a gust of wind rushed by. She turned expecting to see her daughter playing in the field of flowers that surrounded their modest cabin. Instead, she only saw that the water had awoken from its slumber, with no sign of Grace. Continue reading “Short Story 21”

Short Story 19

The Outback

There was a story that used to make its way around the town when I was a kid, about areas of Australia that the settlers had never touched. According to the tale, there was a creature that lived in the red-dirt country of the Australian outback. Of course I had always assumed it was a tactic from the adults to stop children from wandering out into the bushland and getting lost, but apparently there were a lot more truths to the story than I first imagined. Continue reading “Short Story 19”

Short Story 12

The Reapers

I like watching the water go in and out, it makes me feel like the Earth is alive and breathing. I feel like there is something special about the ocean, like it has so much incredible unspoken power. One second it is calm, the next rough, and then sometimes, it only seems calm but can pull you under and hold you there in a blink of an eye.

The sun is setting, and although these are strange times, I feel like I’ve earned a little peace, quiet and beauty in my life. I smile, because I made the right decision; the kaleidoscope of colours that are streaked across the sky only occurs on a rare occasion, and today apparently is that day. Continue reading “Short Story 12”

Short Story 2

The Girl and Her Father

She woke up in a sweat. Every night since that infamous day in July when she was eight, she would have these dreams. It was a recurring dream that kept happening without fail, like clockwork, never letting her escape.

She remembered the events like it was yesterday. Her father had yelled at her earlier in the day. Not in a malicious kind of way, in the parental way. She had painted a picture of a dog and a rainbow on the dinner plates, and he had scalded her as any parent would. Continue reading “Short Story 2”

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