Short Story 21


Grace was six years old when her attraction to the river finally overwhelmed her. Her mother, Jane, had only turned her back on Grace for a few seconds, but in those moments, her little girl with the auburn locks and in her favourite red dress silently skipped to the water’s edge.

Jane felt a change in the air, and as a gust of wind rushed by. She turned expecting to see her daughter playing in the field of flowers that surrounded their modest cabin. Instead, she only saw that the water had awoken from its slumber, with no sign of Grace. Continue reading “Short Story 21”

Short Story 6

The River Runs Red

I grew up by the beach in Australia. It was hot, and that’s the way I liked it. For as long as I could remember, I have been fascinated by the woods, and having a cabin by water.

It’s not that strange really; I mean plenty of people have them in the movies, like a lake house or whatever. I like the idea of being close to nature, and I know what you’re thinking, you can be near nature in Australia. Well, I have news for you friend, Australia has countless creepy crawlies that can kill you. Redbacks and taipans are not my idea of fun. Continue reading “Short Story 6”

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