Short Story 26


Rick stood in shock over the body of a man that had been in his life for the past fifteen years. By all accounts, he was the closest thing Rick had to a father and the only one that ever got away calling him Richard. But right now that man’s blood was dripping from his hands and Rick didn’t remember anything.

He stood waiting for things to fall into place, for it to all make sense but nothing happened. Rick just felt cold and numb. He stood frozen thinking that the blood must’ve been from trying to help his friend…because he didn’t think he could accept the alternative. Continue reading “Short Story 26”

Short Story 23


No one knew him by any name other than Ryan. Then again, not many knew he existed in the first place. His entire life was a series of decisions made on his behalf by people who never really claimed to have his best interest at heart, but instead, to his face, told him they owned him.

He was their property, but Ryan never really found the need to question orders or to break away from the Alliance. He was content with the structure of his life and every day he had a regiment that was only altered on the days he was sent into the outside world. Continue reading “Short Story 23”

Short Story 16

The Conference

He had spent his entire life looking up at the stars at night, imagining an otherworldly adventure that would whisk him away from normality and his mundane existence.

In the forty years he had been alive, he had always wanted more. Complaisance was an ongoing struggle for him. Despite his well travelled exterior, with his comfortable and well-paid job that he had worked hard to get, he always felt like there was something incredible missing from his life. Continue reading “Short Story 16”

Short Story 15

The Clock

It has been two hours, thirty-two minutes, and eight seconds since I woke up handcuffed to a metal bed in the middle of an empty room. I know exactly how long it has been, because there is an enormous digital clock that has been annoyingly counting since my eyes opened.

If you had come up to me yesterday, or at least, I think it was yesterday, and asked, “If you woke up in a strange place, handcuffed, and in different clothes than what you left the house in, how would you feel?” I would have said something about freaking out at the mere notion of such an abnormality. Continue reading “Short Story 15”

Short Story 5

The Soldier’s Brother

He was used to having structure in his life. He liked having a routine and orders; in a way it gave him a sense of purpose. It was in his blood, hell he was practically born into the army, with both parents in and out of deployment his whole childhood. But he never expected that he would be fighting for more than his country, he would be fighting for humanity.

Humanity…was it even worth saving? He always thought to himself, that every day you see the conflicts that arise inherently. It is a part of human nature, even the premise of everyone being an individual encourages differences in opinion, and sometimes humans do unspeakable things. Continue reading “Short Story 5”

Short Story 1

The No Name and the Soldier

I few months ago, I decided I needed an outlet for everything that happens in my life. Not that all that much happens, but there is an undeniable truth in my life that I don’t open up very often to anyone. So I decided to write a book. A book that contains partial truths, that draws from everything in the little social sphere around me. But don’t misunderstand me, I wasn’t in any way writing a set of memoirs, in fact quite the opposite. I was writing a work of fiction. And right now, the skills I’ve picked up, like internal narration actually seem to be helping me come to terms with what I have just done. Removing myself, and becoming a third person to my own screwed up life is helping me compartmentalise. Continue reading “Short Story 1”

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